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Bringing System Introspection to Mobile Devices for System Analysis

TitleBringing System Introspection to Mobile Devices for System Analysis
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
AuthorsKipp, A.
AbstractSystem Introspection is essential to understand the inner processes controlling a robot which is acting in an autonomous way. To get an idea of the inner states of the controlling components a developer does not want to interrupt the running system. Moreover analyzing a dozen of complex log files once the robot has ended performing a task consumes a lot of time. This thesis presents a design and an implementation of a system for observation that can be attached to a robot system. The system will collect data of the robot and forward it to a client for presentation. XMPP is used as communication framework which provides functionality for exchanging data over a network. The described system was successfully evaluated by attaching the system to the ToBI platform.
Supervised ByWachsmuth, S., F. Siepmann, and I. Lütkebohle
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Technology
UniversityBielefeld University
Thesis.pdf15.33 MB

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