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Integration von 3D Punktwolken in laserbasierte Hindernisvermeidung

TitleIntegration von 3D Punktwolken in laserbasierte Hindernisvermeidung
Publication TypeDiploma Theses
AuthorsEngin, O.

A state-of-the-art, time-of-flight based SwissRanger sensor delivers depth information of a scene in real-time. A sensor measures the time-of-flight of an infrared signal to the objects and back. The measured time gives information about the distance between sensor and object. Because of the highly frame rate the sensor can support real-time tasks within the mobile robotics potentially. The goal of this thesis is to fuse 3D point clouds of a time-of-flight sensor with a 2D standard laser sensor during the navigation of a roboter. The combination of two sensors, namely SwissRanger sensor and laser sensor, is called virtual laser. The virtual laser should combine the capabilities of both sensors to detect obstacles located out of the laser plane, which cannot be detected by the laser sensor. The advantage of the SwissRanger sensor for collision avoidance and navigation are evaluated. The results of the test with the SwissRanger sensor are then compared to the standard laser of a robot.

Supervised ByYuan, Fang, and Swadzba, Agnes
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Technology
UniversityBielefeld University
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