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Detektion von funktionalen Bereichen innerhalb eines Raumes mit Hilfe von Tiefeninformationen

TitleDetektion von funktionalen Bereichen innerhalb eines Raumes mit Hilfe von Tiefeninformationen
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
AuthorsHammerl, S.
AbstractMobile robots acting in a room need a representation of the room to classify the different subareas inside. Because a robot recognizes its surrounding only by its sensors it should be the best when the representation is created by the robot itself. The generated, compact representation simplifies the communication between the human and the machine. This work is about an autonomous detection of the rough working areas inside rooms. Using a 3D camera depth-cues can be used to gather functional regions. A global map holds every region and with the help of an additional algorithm or a human they can be categorized. With this project the robot can detect the areas inside a room. With this information it can perform orientation and navigation tasks.
Supervised ByHanheide, Marc, and A. Swadzba
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Technology
UniversityBielefeld University
mst_shammerl_FINAL.pdf5.35 MB

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