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Implementation of an Intuitive Toolkit for Extrinsic Calibration of SwissRanger Images and 2D Color Images

TitleImplementation of an Intuitive Toolkit for Extrinsic Calibration of SwissRanger Images and 2D Color Images
Publication TypeBachelor Thesis
AuthorsThöns, C.
AbstractIn this thesis a toolkit is described, which can combine 3D data of the SwissRanger camera with high resolution 2D image data of a conventional camera to gain a photorealistic 3D model with color information. The toolkit is implemented in Matlab and provides methods to calibrate both cameras and to obtain an overlay of their images. Furthermore an evaluation of the computed data can be performed with the toolkit. To obtain the overlay the position of the images relative to each other has to be determined. For that purpose a function that maps each point of one image to its corresponding point of the other image has to be computed by using a given set of point correspondences. These point correspondences are gained by means of a calibration pattern. Thereby a Corner Finder, that needs the approximate position of each corner, is used to detect the corners of the pattern on both images. The toolkit provides a corner detection method, which can handle the low resolution of the SwissRanger.
Supervised BySwadzba, A., and Hanheide, Marc
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Technology
UniversityBielefeld University
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